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Prime Marine Amps $299-$499
Punch Marine Amps $299-$749
Power Marine Amps $549-$1049


KMR-D365BT $139
DMR-D765BT $199
KMR-M315BT $119
KAC-M1804 $149
KFC-1653MRB $99

Punch 300 Watt BRT Full-Range 4-Channel Amplifier
The Punch PBR300X4 is a 300 Watt full-range amp designed for compact systems. This efficient amp packs a Punch in motorcycles, ATVs and hybrid-electric vehicles without sucking a lot of juice from your electrical system.

Motorcycles and Marine...oh my!

M50BT $129
M70BT $169
RM-X11M Remote Commander $99
XS-MP1621 Speakers $129
PLMRMP3B 4 Channel Amp $69
PLMR60W Speakers $39




Kenwood designed their marine speakers to bring power and precision to your boat's sound system. Designed specifically for marine use, Kenwood KFC-1653MRB 6-1/2" speakers feature water-resistant cone woofers topped with 1" balanced dome tweeters. Feed them up to 50 watts of power, and they'll sound great whether you're out on the water or relaxing at the marina.

Motorcycles by The King of Car Audio

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