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$349 Installed

Q: Will the RUSTERMINATOR stop all rust, including surface rust?

A: No. The RUSTERMINATOR is a corrosion DETERRENT system that is specially designed to assist in controlling the devastating damage of RUST PERFORATION from the inside out AND the outside in.

Q: Will the RUSTERMINATOR have an effect on my car’s battery or electrical system?

A: No. The RUSTERMINATOR’s signal is "Direct Coupled™" into the vehicle’s metal at an extremely low frequency. Power consumption is minimal (approx. 28mA). It will not affect on-board computers or other electrical equipment.

Q: How do I know the RUSTERMINATOR is operating properly?

A: The RUSTERMINATOR module has a diagnostic LED that has a steady cycle. If you should notice this LED off, continuously on, or blinking at an abnormal rate, contact your RUSTERMINATOR Dealer.

Your RUSTERMINATOR Dealer will also check the system on a yearly basis as well as apply "seam sealer" to pinch welds and other corrosion prone areas. This is done at no charge and is REQUIRED to keep any applicable warranties in effect.

Q: How long has the Rusterminator been on the market?

A: The Rusterminator has been protecting vehicles since 1990.  It is sold nationally as well as internationally.

​The Rusterminator is the modern choice for an electronic rust deterrent system that protects the vehicle 's metal body from perforation caused by corrosion. Now there is an alternative way to guard against the damaging decay caused by moisture and road salt. Unlike traditional, messy methods of applied petrochemicals and harmful solvents, the Rusterminator is completely safe for the environment!