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3 Year


​Window Tint Waiver

Century 2000 offers two different types of warranties:  3 year and lifetime.  Both warranties cover tint peeling, fading and bubbling.  It DOES NOT cover defects to the film caused by outside sources (ie. scratches from pets or jewelry).  Window cannot be rolled down for a period of 3 days or warranty will be voided.                                     


Ohio law requires the front driver and passenger window have no more than 50% tint applied.  The rest of the vehicle can be tinted as dark as desired.  Century 2000 does not apply tint to the front windshield.  Century 2000 is NOT liable if customer is pulled over and receives a ticket for window tint violations. 

No window tint is ever perfect!  There may be small imperfections throughout the window or in the corners of the window due to dust and dirt inside the vehicle.  To avoid this, we recommend cleaning the vehicle before the appointment. 

Some vehicles have DOT MATRIX on the rear windshield, which is a boarder made of fired on iron oxide.  Window tint is unable to totally stick to this surface; however, we will make this area as presentable as possible. 

If there are any scratches in the glass before the film is applied, they will then be magnified due to the dark background.  With the use of stainless steel razor blades, there is a 0% chance of us scratching your glass.

If rain guards are installed on the vehicle prior to the tint appointment, they will have to be removed in order to accurately apply the film.  If the rain guards are not able to be removed, this will void warranty. 


​                         Front  Doors                          50%      30%      20%      5%

                            Rear   Doors                           50%      30%      20%      5%

                            Rear  Quarters                        50%      30%      20%      5%

                            Rear windshield                     50%      30%      20%      5%


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Century 2000 Electronics

779 East Tallmadge Ave

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